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IE launches the first blended MBA using an innovative learning model

Madrid, November 8, 2005. Instituto de Empresa has become the first top business school to launch a blended MBA programme using an innovative learning model.

The new Global Communities MBA is aimed at young professionals interested in the same kind of training offered by an MBA without having to interrupt their career. The programme, which is based on know-how and experience gained from years of successful online master programmes designed and implemented by the school, can be followed from anywhere in the world. The truly innovative nature of the programme, however, stems from interaction among communities comprised of Instituto de Empresa alumni and other key players in the corporate world.

The programme dynamics are based on the LINC method (Learning via Internationally Networked Communities), a revolutionary training model composed of numerous global communities focused on specific regions, sectors, functions or other areas of interest. Participants can join as many as they wish, enabling them to create a customised network in accordance with their professional needs and interests. This state-of-the-art concept, which provides programme participants with mentors and advisers from around the world, is set to play a key role in a large number of Instituto de Empresa programmes.

Momentum is maintained through online group work and presential sessions in sixteen different countries. The communities interact using up-to-the-minute technologies, including weblogs, wikipedias, permanent debate forums, videoconferences and asynchronous work sessions, making the Global Communities MBA an integrated learning process.

Global Communities MBA students form part of the communities from day one, and continue to be members on completion of the programme. Hence they glean maximum benefit from all the advantages that an active community has to offer, such as exchanging knowledge and intensive, personalised networking. The resultant lifelong learning process is what differentiates the Global Communities MBA from other online master programmes.

Instituto de Empresa graduates - the school has over 30,000 alumni across the world - coupled with other entrepreneurs and directors from leading multinationals comprise the more than 50 IE learning communities designed to offer students a privileged insight into their specific areas of interest.

Extensive international experience

Other innovative features of the Global Communities MBA include the fact that although the programme can be completed in a year, its flexible agenda permits participants to choose from 12, 18 or 24-month tracks in accordance with their needs. The Global Communities MBA is therefore a full-time or part-time programme depending on which timeframe the student selects before commencing the programme. The programme starts with an online integration seminar whereby students are introduced to the programme’s methodology. Subsequent programme activities include presential Community Integration Days held in countries in every continent.

Attendance of a minimum number of Communication Integration Days is mandatory but students can select the location from among sixteen major cities across the world, including Shanghai, New York, London, New Delhi, Johannesburg, Dubai and Tokyo.