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The Sumaq Alliance organizes the first European edition of Sumaq Summit

The Sumaq Summit program, aimed at members of the business community and academics in Europe, Latin America, the US and Asia, has been held for three consecutive years in Atlanta, US, where it enjoyed great success - more than 1,200 participants from 25 countries. These programs generated numerous opportunities for executives, as they exchanged experiences and insights into business management and established contacts with top-level representatives from different world regions and sectors.

PromoMadrid, the agency for the economic development of the Madrid region at international level is collaborating with the Sumaq Alliance in the organisation of this event.

International trade has assumed a pivotal role in wealth creation in globalized countries with open economies. International demand is growing and logistics are increasingly sophisticated, resulting in a need for new capacities and infrastructures to manage this changing scenario.

The Madrid Regional Authorities’ Infrastructure Plan is just one example. Madrid is planning a coordination model encompassing all logistics centres operating in the region, with an investment of €4,000 million over 10 years. Moreover, the region has agreements with the port of Lisbon and the airport of Frankfurt, the Panama Canal and several Chinese ports, as well as rail terminals and ports in Spain.

Similar development can be, and should be, observed in all those countries and cities that aim to foster economic development through international trade, the success of which will be greatly enhanced by effective infrastructures and logistics.

Thousands of firms in different European and US sectors compete on a global level, managing international and multimodal logistic operations. There are also numerous firms offering services to meet these complex challenges, enabling logistics that are both efficient and effective.

International logistics involves a large number of players with shared interests and concerns, in both private and public sectors. Subsequently, the sector is poised to have a growing impact on the success of international business and the global economy.

Program Objectives
To discuss best practices and strategies with a view to defining, implementing and managing modal and multimodal logistics and infrastructures (ports, airports, railway terminals, motorways, etc.) required for international integration of trade.

To analyse the different alternatives and successful cases that have enabled the implementation of modern and effective logistics and infrastructures that foster the development of companies, cities and countries.

To gain cognisance of development models used in different countries and cities, such as Madrid’s plan for logistics infrastructures.

To generate a top-level contact network, with experts in the field of management and development of logistics, infrastructures and services in Europe, America and Asia.

To provide a platform for top-level directors who recognise globalisation as their main challenge and relevant connections as their major allies.