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Sumaq Summit 2006

Duration: 2 days

Date: May 14-16, 2006

Place: Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center, Atlanta, GA (USA)

Fees: US$ 980 (Cocktails, luncheons, coffee-breaksand all materials are included)

Heading South: Marketing and Logistics in Latin America

Sumaq Summit 2006 is focused on two strategicchallenges corporations face nowadays: marketing andlogistics. The event will address the following issues:

  • What is the profile of the Latin American consumer? Howis it most likely to evolve? What are the differences amongsub-regions?
  • Which are the fastest-developing distribution channels?What alternatives are enjoying success in Latin America?
  • What are the main logistics problems that must be tackledin order to operate in Latin American markets? Does itmake sense to centraliseoperations in specific countriesin the regions? Are local logistics firms reliable?
  • What type of publicity makes most sense in Latin America?Can global campaigns be justified or should they bemore local?
  • How do supply chains work in Latin America? How arethey expected to evolve?
  • How is the media sector developing in Latin America?What do Latin American consumers see and read?

During the course of the programme, experts from thedifferent partner schools coordinate a series of panelswhere corporate leaders, politicians, and academics providedifferent insights and points of view on both issues,from a Latin American perspective.

Ultimately, Sumaq Summit helps executives to formulateand execute better business initiatives through the latestmanagement techniques, relevant analysis of criticalbusiness issues, and winning strategies for investing andoperating in Latin America, through extensive use of LatinAmerican case studies and examples, challengingparticipants to consider fresh approaches.